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French Guiana (French Guiana Recipes)

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   The inhabitants of French Guiana come from different cultural backgrounds, as there are Cayenne people, Creole people, Asians and Europeans. Because of this, the Guiana Faso cuisine is a blending of these distinctive culinary cultures. The Cayenne cuisine is the most significant one and this can be found all through the country. The second most important cuisine is the French one, but the continental, Chinese, Creole, Vietnamese and Indonesian one can be found in bigger towns, such as the capital, Korou or Cayenne and St Laurent du Maroni. One of the post popular dishes is the bouillon d`aoura, which is prepared with smoked fish. Other meals include Chicken, prawns, veggies, aoura and crabs. The roti is a dish which is very popular in many parts of the Caribbean and South American regions. Roti can be found in various styles and with various tastes: plain roti, curried roti, dhalpouri roti (with peas), paratha roti, aloopourri roti and dosti roti, which are mostly homemade in the rural areas.

World Cuisine Recipes


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