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Greenland (Greenland Recipes)

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   The culinary culture of Greenland is closely linked to strong social solidarity of the old community of hunters, for which was of vital need shared the game. The Arctic climate and the natural environment makes the Greenlandic cuisine unique, the basic ingredients consist of fish, poultry, game (walrus, reindeer, partridges, seal and whale) and wild berries. The national dish is the suaasat, seal boiled meat with rice and onions. Another specialty is the mattak, whale skin with a thin layer of fat, is eaten raw cut into squares. For our palates are probably more suitable dishes like muskox, lamb cutlets, the smoked whale meat, or lamb sausage. The whale meat (arvik) served with roasted brown onions or boiled potato is a delicious dish. Among the fish dishes are the most common smoked fish, mussels, redfish fillet, marinated trout, and shrimp.

World Cuisine Recipes


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