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Grape Jam Recipes


Grape Jam 1

4 lb Grapes
2 Oranges; juiced and zested
5 c Sugar
1 c Raisins
Cooking Instructions:
Wash grapes and remove stems. Peel off skins and reserve; place grape pulp in a saucepan. Cook pulp over low heat 6 to 7 minutes, then press through a coarse sieve to remove seeds. Discard seeds; return pulp to saucepan. Add orange rind and juice, sugar, raisins and salt, and continue to cook over low heat, stirring constantly. As the mixture thickens, add grape skins and cook 6 to 8 minutes or until quite thick. Pour into sterile hot jars and seal while hot.
Grape Jam 2
3-1/2 lbs. Concord Grapes
2 C. water
4-1/2 C. sugar
Cooking Instructions:
Wash and stem grapes. Measure 10 cups. Remove skins from half of the grapes; set aside. In an 8 or 10 quart pot combine the skinned and unskinned grapes. Cover and cook 10 minutes or till very soft. Press grapes through a sieve; discard seeds and cooked skins. Measure 3 cups of strained puldp; return to pot. Stir in the uncooked grape skins and water. Cook, covered, for 10 minutes. Uncover, stir in sugar. Bring mixture to a full rolling boil, stirring often. Boil uncovered, about 12 minutes or till jam sheets off a metal spoon. Remove pot from heat; quickly skim off foam with a metal spoon. Ladle at once into hot, sterilized half-pint jars, leaving a 1/4-inch headspace. Wipe jar rims and adjust lids. Process in a boiling-water canner for 5 minutes. Remove jars and cool on a rack until set.
Grape Jam 3
br> 6 c. prepared fruit (about 4 lbs. ripe grapes)
1 box powdered fruit pectin
7 1/2 c. (3 1/4 lbs.) sugar
Cooking Instructions:
First, prepare the fruit. Slip skins from about 4 pounds ripe Concord or loose-skinned grapes. Set aside. Add 1 cup water to pulp. Bring to a boil; cover and simmer 5 minutes. Press through a sieve to remove the seeds. Chop or grind skins; add to pulp. Measure 6 cups into a very large saucepan. Then make the jam. Add powdered pectin to fruit in saucepan and mix well. Bring to a hard boil over high heat, stirring constantly. At once stir in sugar. Bring to a full rolling boil and boil hard 1 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and skim off foam with metal spoon. Then alternately stir and skim for 5 minutes to cool slightly and to prevent floating fruit. Ladle quickly into glasses. Cover jam at once with 1/8 inch hot paraffin.
Easy Grape Jam

8 c. grapes
6 c. sugar
Cooking Instructions:
Mash grapes. Add sugar. Bring mixture to boil and boil for 25 minutes. Put through sieve and pour into sterilized jars. Seal.
Concord Grape Jam

3 lbs concord grapes
1 1/2 cups mild flavored honey
Cooking Instructions:
Wash and stem grapes. Place in a large stainless or enamel pot. With a potato masher or wooden spoon mash grapes. Bring to a gentle boil and reduce heat to an "active" simmer. Simmer 10 minutes-you want to be able to crush the center of grapes easily with a wooden spoon-no bouncing back. Run the grapes through a food mill to remove seeds. Return pulp to the saucepan. Bring to a boil and stir in honey. Stir often to prevent scorching. After about 10 minutes you should not be able to stir down the boil. Test for gel point. Jelly/puree will begin to darken and thicken up. This should take around 15 to 20 minutes from the boil point, but alot depends on the amount of juice your grapes are holding-you could go up to 35 minutes. Ladle into clean hot sterile jars leaving 1/4 inch head space and seal. Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.
Ripe Grape Jam

4 1/2 c Prepared fruit
1/2 c Water
7 c Sugar
1/2 Bottle fruit pectin
Cooking Instructions:
Use only fully ripened grapes. Separate skins and pulp. Simmer pulp 5 minutes. Remove seeds by sieving. Crush skins. Add pulp. Add water and stir until mixture boils. Cover, and simmer slowly 30 minutes. Measure fruit into large kettle. Add sugar. Mix well. Heat rapidly to full rolling boil. Stir constantly before and while boiling. Boil hard 1 minute. Remove from fire. Stir in fruit pectin. Skim.
Heavenly Grape Jam

5 lb Concord grapes
4 lb Sugar
1 lb Walnut pieces
1 lb Raisins
3 Oranges
Cooking Instructions:
Peel oranges and cut fine. Pulp the grapes and boil until soft. Put through sieve to extract seeds; then add skins, raisins, sugar, nuts and oranges. Set over heat to boil 15 minutes. Stir.


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