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Pear Liqueur Recipes

Nalivkas (Fruit Liqueurs)

Pear Liqueur 1

2 big pears, sliced
1 pinch cinnamon or 1/2" cinnamon stick
1 clove
3 cups vodka
1 cup sugar syrup
Steep 2 weeks, strain and filter, add syrup, age 2 months.
Pear Liqueur 2

1 pounds Pears
3 cup Vodka, rum, or brandy
1 cup Sugar syrup
2 pinch Cinnamon, nutmeg
2 Clove
2 Coriander seed
2 Apple, optional
The Bartlett pear is the best to use for liqueur making. It is juicy, sweet, and smooth. Season is July to Nov. Avoid ones with cuts, bruises, dark spots, or decay. Slice pears (and apple if desired) and add to other ingredients., adding sugar syrup last. Stir gently and steep 3 weeks. Strain and filter. Taste and adjust flavor by adding more fruit or sugar syrup if needed. Steep 3-4 weeks, then strain. Ready for use.
Liqueur de Poire (Pear Liqueur)

1 ripe pear
1 cinnamon stick
1 piece orange rind, pith removed
1/2 whole nutmeg
1 pint eau de vie or vodka
6 ounces sugar
Place pear and spices in a jar large enough to hold all of the vodka. Seal and place in a sunny window for one month. After the one month period, add sugar and reseal. Place jar in a location that receives sunlight for at least part of the day, for 3 months. Periodically shake the jar when you check on its progress. Strain into a pretty bottle and cork. You can add the used cinnamon stick & nutmeg to the bottle for decoration.

Nalivkas (Fruit Liqueurs)

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