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   Edible mushrooms are rare but once you taste it you won't forget its unique flavour. Delectable mushrooms that can be included on your daily food recipes as an additional spice. Many animals and humans also eat the fruit of the mushroom body. There are greater than two thousand types of mushrooms but only 2.5 to 5 % are edible. The rest are highly infectious and can even mimic the ones that are fit for human consumption.ion.
   The toxins in this fungus can be fatal and can kill a person immediately. Some toxins need time to actually accumulate in the body. Once you exceed the particular amount of tolerable toxins, you won't be able to adapt to that poisonous substance and may lead to fatality or even death. This basically gives you the idea that hunting mushrooms is a big deal and appropriate knowledge about this species should be understood before you even try the ones you can see in your garden.
   There are a lot of cultivated mushrooms today. The most common ones are what they call Domestic Field Mushroom or White Button Mushroom. This type has a bland flavour but manages to retain the flavour of a typical mushroom. Moreover, there are mushrooms that are very expensive. A good example would be the Perigord Truffles, which are not in cultivation for hundreds of years now but were mastered in France just seven years ago. They cost around $1,000 to $1,500 per pound. Aside From France, they also grow in North Carolina. This extravagant price for this mushroom is due to its diminishing production worldwide. Over the last two centuries, little supply of this type of mushroom has been cultivated. It began with only 1,500 to 2,000 tons. It later on became an estimated 120 tons annually. An existing rationale with regards to the price and rarity of this type of mushroom is because of the secrecy of how these Truffles are being domesticated, along with the hunting techniques for this type.
   Furthermore, Genus Cantharellus or mushrooms contain many species. The most famous of all is the Cantharellus Cibarius. This is what they also call the Golden Chanterelle. It is yellow or orange in colour. It is also meaty and funnel-shaped, along with forking gills on the underside. It even has a fruity smell and a mild peppery taste. This can be found in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Furthermore, it is very challenging to cultivate this type of mushroom because of its symbiotic relationship with plants. The European variant is called Girolle, which has a thicker stalk and powerful flavour. They go well with eggs, curry, chicken, fish, veal, pork and beef. They can also be set as stewed, marinated, sauted in olive oil, used as fillings in crepes and can be served as an additional topping on pizzas. However, in European cuisine, it is often served with Venison. A highly noted caution with regards to this genus is the one called Jack-O-Lantern or Omphalotus Olearius. This type of mushroom can mimic the Chanterelle. It has the capability to make a person really sick.
   Blewit refers to two species that are edible in the genus Clitocybe. This would include the Wood Blewit or Clitocybe Nuda and the Field Blewit or the Clitocybe Saeva. Both are known to cause allergic reactions especially when eaten raw, though this reaction can still be seen even if they are well cooked. These mushrooms also contain Trehalose, which is a form or variant of sugar that is delectable for most people. Thus, the Wood Blewit can range from lilac to purple-pink in colour. The old ones are darker and possess a flatter cap. This is while the younger ones have lighter colours and possess more convex caps. It also has a distinct odour, which is likened to that of a frozen orange juice.
   This mushroom has been cultivated in Britain, Holland and France. However, these Wood Blewits can be mistaken as the purple Cortinarius variety of mushroom, in which many are considered to be poisonous. We can only distinguish this because of their odour and their spore prints.
   Wood Blewits possess white up to a pale pink type of spore prints, while the Cortinarius species somehow produces a kind of rusty brown type of spore print after many hours on actual white paper. The Field Blewit is commonly found in the open plains. It prefers to grow in grasslands and dirt areas across Europe. It also has a convex cap, which is light cream to brown with smooth texture. It is also called Blue Leg because it has a light purple-blue colour on its ring-less stem. Thus, these Field Blewits are often infested with fly larvae, especially if it is not stored well. It is advisable to consume this species at once or it needs to be used soon after it is picked.
   Mushrooms are essential in ancient China because of its medicinal claims for centuries. They are said to contain vitamins B, C and D. They are also well known in their ability to lower ones blood pressure and cholesterol. A cancer facility even recommended that it could prevent certain types of cancer.
   Certain kinds of mushrooms do have their uses and some are really dangerous. It is important that you know what type of mushroom you are picking or buying. This way, you are sure that it is edible and you can prepare it as a tasty meal. To eat them, cleaning it is the first important thing to do. A little brushing won't hurt as well. It can also be the best method to remove all the dirt because they can soak up water. This can dilute their flavour.
   Then, the mushroom/s should be chopped and checked for unwanted foreign materials. Mushrooms are proven to be great spices that can add some aroma to your savoury dish. They are also regarded by chefs as great flavouring agents that can transform water into mushroom stock, simply by soaking them in it even for a while. Thus, you can experiment for other delicacies that would go very well with mushrooms and even invent a whole new taste of mushrooms you and your family will enjoy.
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